Jacob Proffer

Designer and developer. I like thick lines, typography, and code. Currently pursuing another degree at Northern Michigan University.

Code Slingers

Code Slingers is a conceptual organization that will soon provide free tutoring to Northern Michigan University students and faculty. The team roster will be comprised of current Computer Science majors with a background in web design and or development. Topics covered will range from the fundamentals of HTML & CSS to more complex languages such as C++ and Java. 

Hair Shed

Identity concept for a Marquette, Michigan hair salon, done as a personal project.  

Note: Website is being developed. 


Senior thesis project that was part of the Zeitgeist exhition at the DeVos Art Museum.

The concept revolved around the idea that a post-9/11 world requires dependable American leadership and how politics have directly affected the primary objectives of the United States military in Afghanistan. In response, I designed a pinball machine where the ball will never enter the playing field to score any points or reach any goal.